Authentic. Unique. Natural.

Luxury care with seven varieties of rich plants and immortelle essential oil provides your skin with a long-term protection and care, and helps in fight against wrinkles, depigmentation and other skin irregularities. Brightness and elasticity are results of the everlasting immortelle flower, collaborating with a collection that offers a unique peeling with apricot and olive trees, hyaluronic, daytime and night cream, as well as our holy grail in preserving youth - the golden serum!

Relaxing treatment with lavender extracts representing the silver collection will become your daily necessity for your face, body and hair. Let your new beauty rituals begin with a good and thorough sugar scrubbing, a relaxing bath, shampooing the scalp with natural extracts, and end with a a perfect massage with our body butter and a lip balm for nourished lips! Find the pleasure of a home spa ambience and complete care for all your senses, at one place.