Treat oily skin in two easy steps!

When choosing beauty products, a large number of people look for cosmetics that both smell good, and work fast. However, treating skin with all natural products offers much more than just aesthetic benefits.

When choosing beauty products, a large number of people look for cosmetics that both smell good, and work fast. However, treating skin with all natural products offers much more than just aesthetic benefits, and in order to understand their full potential, first and foremost we must understand our skin. Where to begin when there are so many people with so many different skin types?

We often begin actively taking care of our skin in our early youth or teenage years. That wonderful period in our lives is often tainted by moments of helplessness due to skin problems that we simply cannot solve. Well, maybe not all of us but a large percentage nonetheless. This problem can often continue even into adulthood as 35% of people over the age of 25 struggle with oily skin while a shocking 70% of people struggle with uneven skin tone at some point in their lives.

The road to perfect skin sometimes seems impossible, but the first step to attaining this dream is to truly understand what our skin is trying to tell us.

Oily skin is characterized by shine due to over secretion of sebum or oil. This skin type is usually acne prone and is often the result of hormonal imbalances, stress or an unhealthy lifestyle. Admit it, chips are most tempting when you have to blow off some steam, right? This is why we should firstly eliminate negative effects in our lives before we take action and start caring for our skin. But what strategy will work best for us?

The “classic” approach to caring for oily skin is to use harsh products that dry out the skin with the main goal of keeping shine at bay. However, these products strip the skin of its natural oils leaving it dehydrated and extremely dry. In order to rehydrate the skin, more sebum is produced which results in oilier skin and even more shine. This information is usually the most shocking to hear when it comes to understanding the dynamics of oily skin.

For these reasons, in order to treat oily skin, we advise using oil based creams as oils properly hydrate the skin, not water based ones. Ideal care for this skin type can be achieved in two easy steps:

1. Once a week, apply our Gloria Green Clay Face Mask on clean skin. The mask is enriched with cold pressed oils such as apricot and avocado oil, as well as palmarosa and genuine lavender essential oils that have anti-inflammatory properties.

2. After removing excess sebum from the skin through our clay mask, apply a rich layer of Gloria Hyaluronic Cream for hydration and intensive care. Our Hyaluronic Cream nourishes the skin and can be used in the morning as a perfect base for your makeup.

Following these steps, you will gradually see vast improvemements in your skin. However, those with oily skin often have problems with acne as well that is usually caused by clogged pores, the accumulation of sebum, and layers of unremoved dead skin cells. Special treatment therefore needs to be taken to fight off this unwanted enemy. We suggest a routine consisting of the following four steps:

1. We recommend applying our Gloria Green Clay Face Mask once a week to reduce excess sebum secretion and to balance out the skin.

2. After the clay mask, apply our Golden Serum made from 7 different varieties of cold-pressed unrefined oils which is also excellent in fading acne scars.

3. To remove dead skin cells, we recommend that you exfoliate your skin twice a week. After exfoliating, your skin will be silky, soft and will better absorb products and all their benefits.

4. Along with our luxurious serum, we recommend that you use our Gloria Acne Cream, which deeply cleanses and rids the skin of toxins while accelerating healing processes.

We believe that the first step to happiness is feeling comfortable in our own skin, so allow nature to help you achieve beautiful, luminous skin and the utmost of happiness!