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Gloria Natural Cosmetics has one task, which is to preserve and nurture the woman’s natural beauty and youth. Each product is created as a combination of a number of medicinal ingredients and Immortelle essential oil from Herzegovinian plantations. With various combinations of products, the skin gets deep care and hydration, and it becomes fresh, smooth and soft.


Immortelle hyaluron cream

Hydrating cream with calming and nurturing effect. Ideal for oily and problematic facial skin. Apply directly to the desired area and rub gently in a thin layer.


Immortelle gold face serum

This product of oily structure is made of 7 rich cold pressed unrefined plant oils.


Green clay face mask

Recommended for persons with oily skin and open pores. Apply to dry skin and leave on for 15 minutes until fully dry and the wash off with warm and cold water. The feeling of tightness and skin redness after the treatment is a normal reaction to green clay.


Care tips

Treat yourself to a luxurious care from the nature! Check out new tricks and tips from our lab!


Golden collection

Luxurious care with seven varieties of rich plants and immortelle essential oil.


Silver collection

Relaxing treatment with lavender extracts representing the silver collection.


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